Every Person Income will produce value with an exchange rate, as in the form of income and based on the intellectual conversions within a persons dataset.

The foundation is data, and value is the exchange among all parties rather monetary or other…

As an Non-profit Organization, our mission in defining an equitable system is based on the Value-of-Thyself, by a modus operandi of collecting-storing-aggregating-trading, and based on, not limited to, the following components:

  • Persons Inputs/Outs (data flow – personal & professional)
  • Proficiency (Core, Median, Standard)
  • Stocks & Tangible Assets
  • Social Influences

“Everything you do has a +/- value and total of those values are what quantifies yours-mine-ours wealth creation”

Persons Asset Class is the financial instrument upon all persons datasets , (valuations performed by non-subjective parties) are equal to the Value-of-Thyself,  in various asset forms within a persons holdings of 21st Century.

At the moment, the need for new systems to take place of out dated ones has escalated to historical highs across the spectrum in devaluation of the person – we are proposing this moment is the intersection of Post Industrialism (subjective models) & Automation (non-subjective models) and therefore the premise of advocating for betterment of global society and thus produce for any/all a form & function of 21st Century Self Reliance.

Advocating for the rights of all persons – valued!

We are acting for the betterment of equitable systems to provide for humanity an just and ethical means for valuing a person by which they value themselves in their daily lives, thus breaking the chains of monetary gains by subjective systems (ie: corporate model) by which 3rd parties agree to extend a value of (X) to each person.

Counter is to accrue value, based on each persons dataset = Persons Asset Class

Having launched this month – September, 2018

Future is defined by the present – let’s advocate for Value-in-Thyself, and more importantly for humanity!

You can get involved today – just contact us to schedule a meeting.




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