Data is You and You are a dataset = Persons Asset Class

The value of a person is directly associated to the intellectual conversion rate, based on personal datasets, and solely for producing a value (wages/etc), derived by a non subjective system, and for quantifying pricing/ratings, in this early age-of-autonomous systems.

As Non Profit, our mission is to provide Members of Humanity with pre-distribution advocacy & development for personal data ownership, value creation, and security. A financial instrument for the purpose of indexing the value of a person with accesses to commerce/trade globally.

*following is the first in a series of posts on the financial instrument, Persons Asset Class

Characteristics – Personal Data

  • Intellectual Teleology
  • Inputs/Outputs Professional and/or Personal
  • Proficiencies (Core, Median, Standard)
  • DNA/Genealogy Identifier & Storage
  • Health Guidance, Ratings & Records
  • Stocks & Tangible Assets
  • Social Influences

Characteristics – Non Profit Member

  • 100% Data Ownership Rights
  • Human Valuation (algorithm) = Intellectual Teleology, Income/Wage Indexes, Store-of-Value.
  • Persons Dataset Portal : Professional and/or Personal settings for collecting, storing, aggregating, trading.
  • On Behalf – Advocacy and development for best laws & practices for personal datasets as financial instruments across global markets.
  • Membership = No barriers and No cost greater-than equilibrium price

What do we mean by “Value-of-Thyself”

Self preservation, is directly associated to a persons dataset, and the completeness as relates to a value – produced by/for each conscious person – freedom to be valued.

Characteristics – Non Profit Entity

  • Humanity is our membership base!
  • Intersection of Humanity + Commodification + Technologies
  • Advocating/Developing for Members (humanity) freedom in the, Value-of-Thyself.
  • Equitable financial instrument – best practices, non-subjective technologies.
  • Knowledge sharing & guidance on personal data commerce, by specialized teams.
  • Pre-Distribution Systems, Efficient + Self-actualization + Verifiable

Self Reliance 3.0

Economics of the 20th century by design had left-out and/or devalued, inventiveness.

Systems based on subjective constructs have an inherent down-side, the extension of value is framed within “Power vs. Subordinate” and such the hours spent under the confines are the wages earned for work performed, thus minimizing value to a work day.

An extension in the form of Capital , extended to each person, through the decisions made by an entity for the sake of the entities best interest for future economic profits and solvency.

Propose, the construct of “Value Creation” as it relates to the processes and technologies associated with, human valuations – an evolved position on basis of Self Reliance equal to personal data (Collecting, Storing, Aggregating, Trading) more specifically to the cognitive experience – Representing life’s moments when “nobodies looking” with formulating a scientific modus-operandi on the basis of productivity rather intellectual and/or physical, having attributes that build upon to produce efficient systems of value-creation for any/all persons, and proportional to the rise in automation, etc, thus evolving away from subjective over-sight & analysis by 3rd party Entities, based on human decision systems.

Our position – Pre-Distribution is fiduciary within the trading-of-data between parties (human+tech) such that a construct of “Perfect Information” more important “lifeblood” and with checks/balances to validate the indexed valuations and thereby producing efficient mechanics for an – Every Person Income.

Our goal is to engage by releasing characteristics and other scientific materials – providing transparency to our potential Members, Donors, and Framer Associates.

As founding framer, the characteristics & goals presented in this working document are solely for building upon financial instrument and Non Profit entity – Persons Asset Class

We are in the early stages of development and so the sharing of above characteristics is in building upon through engagement for best practices to create intended outcomes.

My name – Matthew Ashburn, as entrepreneur the idea of creating for the betterment of equitable systems as in form/function that are emerging in micro/macro economics, as well as, micro/macro markets and based within decentralized sciences & technologies, is what keeps speaking to me, so the above is meant to engage on best ideas with optimal force so to create for humanity a value as in Thyself.

@matthew_ashburn —Founding Framer: @futurs_market , Person Asset Class (Non Profit)|Entrepreneur: @_ethanmatthew , @jetsetlicorice , Resort Pop Wear (fashion category) | Decentralized Entrepreneurship | Family Genealogy arrival to America: (by estimated years) Ashburn (1896 United Kingdom), Billington (1620 Mayflower passengers), Shaw (1780’s Scotland), Zimmerman (1830’s Germany) |

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