Welcome to the Nonprofit and financial instrument, Persons Asset Class.

My name is Matthew Ashburn, founding framer.
More about becoming a founding framer on our site is available. The open enrollment has begun February 14th 2019 and through to February 14th 2021.

Proposing, we are at the intersection of capitalism (subjective) vs automation (non-subjective) and therefore the complexity as to framing this century and beyond…

Humanity + Commodification + Technology.

The economic and commerce structures around us were here before us and those that benefit the most are hanging onto their ideologies, in hopes to save themselves from the known and unknown – as shifts are inherent to evolution.

The sciences of decentralization is largely undeveloped – fragments have existed through authoring of papers, books, posts, etc. This is where I have picked up on the various aspects to Persons Asset Class. Most recently the development of technology as it relates to blockchain, as well as, the rise in crypto-currencies and the subsequent exchanges have been massively influential on development of such sciences – however I place the question before you as – What is Value?

Take a moment – Is the value you are thinking about, subjective?

Rephrase that question – What is the value of something from a position, non-subjective.

The answer is before you, as in – You.
A persons value is quantified by the life that is lived – without any other person/entity placing their subjective analysis upon you – This is coined, Value-of-Thyself.

Having been apart of the technology revolution since 1995 – the Internet and its limitless volume of the human intellect and now artificial intelligence,has produced the fractured world that we globally are having to parse through and make the hard decisions, as our ancestors have before us in times of great humanitarian revolutions.

Capital is the dominating narrative and structure to our world!

Hence 3rd parties (centralized) are the means for which we gain monetary value from and for the lives that we live as people, family, community, and govern thus the application of such value is beholden to the value-distribution by these entities. Workforces are extended a value – by which the Owners are capturing the revenues and distributing an income/wage minus the costs associated to doing business and/or governing.

Decentralization is bringing the concept of personal data to represent your value across a multitude of categories and by the collection of such in the form of pre-distribution, for and by You, human valuation.

For decentralization as form/function is without the mechanism of ownership – thus everything else is centralized. Meaning the thing decentralized is based as having non-subjective and without guidance by central organization, for influence by all central orgs (nodes) is meaningful governance, etc. Therefore the gain as it relates to model of 20th century in the form of scale – is a defunct application, for which the foundational aspects are defined and implemented throughout any/all ecosystems, rather biological and/or technological.

That brings the concept closer to the present – Liberty and pursuit of Self Preservation is now at the center of every person monetarily rich-median-poor, and data is the singular component that we all share in creating the everyday of our lives. Security of life as it relates to the trillions of data points and across millions of central servers – is equal to the protection of every person for which 3rd parties and governments are monetizing from and devaluing based on the personal data collected.

As with all things that desire to live – this idea came to me during the 2017 rise in crypto markets and at the time of my personal falling-down moment of suicide by the negative acceptance from my life as entrepreneur of 25 years, more importantly the hardship that I faced for being a person of new thought and business models. The demoralizing effects and self funding associated – left me without value (monetary, assets, etc.) and ready to meet-my-maker in the heavens. As I lay on the floor contemplating the “how to end my life” – knowing that I had to evolve or face my death and fragility to this world. My decision was to value myself and not metaphorically and/or spiritually as with gurus and self-help books has provided us with – rather a structure that was decentralized and based on my life lived (day-to-day) and without the gain to anyone else for which my intellectual conversions are valued and without the oversight by other humans and entities, so to produce, Value-of-Thyself.

Personal datasets, is the basis for which this idea is born out of and will continue to develop and distribute to each person, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. As the evolution of such there is a conceptual beginning – however the journey is shared experience, with the gain to have immense global up-side as in gross incomes/products.

In closing, this is in no way a referendum on capital and/or individuals, entities and governments that are holders and distributors of monetary policies – it is however an evolution in the Mechanics-of-Value and more so, the economic equilibrium of collecting, storing, aggregating, trading of vast amounts of data that shape such structures, which is equally distributed to humanity.

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